Specialty Pizzas

  • BBQ

    Our BBQ Chicken pizza includes our "mystery" BBQ Sauce, red onion and big, juicy chunks of white chicken breast.

  • Meat

    Hungry for meat? Try our Meat Lovers pizza featuring salmi, pepperoni, meatball and a delicious mix of sausage.

  • Pesto

    Our Pesto pizza is a perfect combination of pesto, red onion, feta, artichokes and white chicken breast. Green never tasted so good!

  • South of the

    South of the Border? Tomatoes, olives, onions, meatball and topped with spicy jalepenos. Spice it up with some red pepper flakes for an extra kick!

  • Chicken

    Not only does our Chicken Ranch pizza have chicken and ranch, it's also topped with bacon bits, red onion and pepperoncini for a spice you can't resist.

  • Vegetarian

    No meat. No problem. Try our Vegetarian Pizza! Fresh mushrooms, olives, onions, tomatoes and crisp bell peppers for a veggie delight and fantastic taste!

  • lite

    Feeling light? Ask about our Lite Pizza. This delicious variation is a creative combination of fresh basil, onion, garlic, tomatoes and fresh white chicken breast. A pizza right for your diet.

  • House

    Craving something new? Our House Special pizza is where the party starts. Pepperoni, ham, salami, mushrooms, olives, bell pepper and sausage. (ya gotta ask for anchovies)